When someone turns the channel to ESPN, how often is a women’s sporting play on the Top 10? Chances are not very often. Almost all plays in the Top 10 are always men’s sports. Men’s sports get all the recognition on television. If scrolling through your channel listings, you will be lucky to see a few women’s games. But if you look for some kind of men’s game, you will find plenty. You will also have an option between which men’s sport to watch. This is all because women’s sports only receive 5% of all the air time on television while men’s sports are receiving 92%. And the 3% that’s left is designated for the gender neutral sports broadcasting. http://www.la84foundation.org/9arr/ResearchReports/ResearchReport2.htm


There is no reason for the lack of recognition female sports receive. In the 2012 Summer Olympics the United States women were the second highest gold medal winners. They brought home a total of 29 gold medals. The United States women Olympians were also were the ones to receive the fourth most medals in general. They received 58 medals total only falling behind China, Russia, and Great Britain. To me, winning 58 medals at an Olympic games is a huge accomplishment and should be better recognized. Many of those female athletes that won medals are now well known across the United States, but women still fail to receive as much recognition as men.


One of the few professional divisions of sports for women that is actually well known is the WNBA. The WNBA was created for women to have the chance to play professionally just like the men got to do without going overseas to play. The WNBA was started many years after the NBA was showing repression to women’s sports before it was even started. Although the WNBA is a good thing for women it’s not all that it cracked up to be. The NBA players receive far more money than the WNBA players. A NBA player of the name Gilbert Arenas hasn’t been able to play since 2007 but still makes $45 million dollars over the next two years, while Tina Charles, one of the best WNBA players out there is only allowed to receive $105,000 a year, as it is the league’s maximum. The average WNBA star is receiving less money than the worst NBA star out there, now that’s ridiculous.