One of the few professional divisions of sports for women that is actually well known is the WNBA. The WNBA was created for women to have the chance to play professionally just like the men got to do without going overseas to play. The WNBA was started many years after the NBA was showing repression to women’s sports before it was even started. Although the WNBA is a good thing for women it’s not all that it cracked up to be. The NBA players receive far more money than the WNBA players. A NBA player of the name Gilbert Arenas hasn’t been able to play since 2007 but still makes $45 million dollars over the next two years, while Tina Charles, one of the best WNBA players out there is only allowed to receive $105,000 a year, as it is the league’s maximum. The average WNBA star is receiving less money than the worst NBA star out there, now that’s ridiculous.